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I just got over Covid about a week ago and now I’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive today. Do I need to quarantine again?

2022.01.20 01:22 just-another-fan I just got over Covid about a week ago and now I’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive today. Do I need to quarantine again?

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2022.01.20 01:22 Redmrbean Self care post BU

Hey guys. So my ex and I are done for good and I decided to give up wanting to get back with her (when we met up it felt like a ship had sailed).
She had so many qualities that I loved i.e. extreme self reliance/independence, intelligent, fearless (or stupid idk), trusting (saw the good in everyone), embraced the work to live lifestyle etc
I feel like I embody some of these qualities but don’t have them to they same extent as her and it kinda makes me jealous ngl haha.
Idk I just feel so shit atm and like she was so cool compared to me (although originally I felt like I matched her coolness) and she really opened my eyes to a different world.
Any tips for practicing self care in a situation like this? On the one hand, I don’t wanna turn into her because we’re different, but on the other she has become this emblem of things I feel I need to cultivate in myself.
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2022.01.20 01:22 Illustrious_Way6652 Daftar via Agen Judi Roulette Online Uang Asli Terpercaya

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2022.01.20 01:22 Akihiro_Kenshin 23M - Looking for people interested in trading stocks

Hello! I have been trading for 3 years and I'm looking for people to teach. I want to be able to help people get better at this, so I'm going to need feedback on my course material and resources. I'm someone who has mountains of before and after screenshots, I have done plenty of backtesting, and I even do forward testing. So if you need to pick up a new skill reach out to me! You really don't have to give anything in return, but if you give me feedback I would absolutely love that! Looking for people that have Discord :D.
Also, if you are the type of person to like watching things together with someone, I am also open to that! :D I like anime and Netflix in general. I'm also a PC gamer. I have been playing Apex and Phasmophobia. So I'm also down to be friends if our interests align.
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2022.01.20 01:22 itssararose What are some student loans I could get with daca?

I was thinking discover, since I have the card, but when I tried to apply it said to choose 1 out of the 3 of citizenship status, including permanent resident and international student, which I’m guessing I’m neither. So what are some places that daca recipients can apply? I’m in California btw.
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2022.01.20 01:22 thatgirlofcourse [GIVEAWAY] I give away all statues for your museum to 1 lucky winner, I will choose a winner when this post is 10 minutes old, just comment to enter!

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2022.01.20 01:22 razorksu Any suggestions for K-State podcasts or other resources to add to the sub wiki?

Looking to add more resources to the wiki on this sub, any suggestions?
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2022.01.20 01:22 Lolemgrace Island open

Dodo code: 6B258
Welcome to use the trade grid while in town! I also am looking for - peaches - Carrots - Green pumpkin - Banana - Durian - Lemon - Lychee - Mango - Persimmon - Grape - DIY recipes I hope you enjoy! Also if you do pick flowers all I ask is to water them!
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2022.01.20 01:22 Fluffy_Little_Fox ~Dope Producers~ COOKIN' SOUL.

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2022.01.20 01:22 AnnonymousAndy Unholy Trinity

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2022.01.20 01:22 Ivanhunterjo1991 Does anyone know what happened to the Komi can’t communicate Netflix show?

I am sorry if this has been asked before
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2022.01.20 01:22 mikerooker Please welcome our newest DJs - DubiousVirtue & snazzydetritus

Please welcome our newest DJs - DubiousVirtue & snazzydetritus

Please welcome our newest DJs DubiousVirtue & snazzydetritus u/DubiousVirtue and u/snazzydetritus
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2022.01.20 01:22 anotherspiff I need some advice for dealing with implicit bias in from clients (not coworkers).

I've been working in IT for a long time and currently work for an MSP. Recently I was (sort of) promoted and I am basically the person who onboards new clients, and come up with solutions to get them modernized and efficient. Sometimes I actively participate on the projects (especially when they are a custom solution), sometimes I oversee them in a more hands off way.
I have a particular client right now that seems to be excessively critical of everything I'm doing and I have been really struggling, thinking I am just not on my game and keep missing the mark. It occurred to me that maybe he doesn't like me but I wasn't sure, so out of the three projects I have going with them, I had one of my team members be the "voice" and provide all the updates in the meeting. He had no idea what to say/do, so I literally prepared a script for him to go off of, joined the call muted, and messaged him how to answer any questions that came up. It went great!
Today, we had another meeting, and I let a team member speak on my behalf again for two projects - well received - and then it was my turn for the last one. The question I was asked first was something out of my control (has my access to a dashboard been fixed) but the rest of the update was going to be all the things I was able to accomplish around that hurdle, so that everything is ready once that one issue gets resolved. However- I never got a chance. The moment I said that I still didn't have access (because I was asked!) he went on a tirade wanting to know why this is now the third week without any progress and before I could say anything at all he said we were wasting his time and said he was dropping from this call and would be calling my boss.
I didn't know what to say. I worked all week on this the hard way because my access is not what it should be - and I was actually quite proud of what I was able to accomplish in spite of that. He made all kinds of assumptions that were not accurate and will absolutely think that he got results with his behavior - AND now I have a pretty solid indicator that he just doesn't like ME. He likes my plans, he likes the updates that I give as long as I'm not the one voicing them - and he clearly thinks I just sat around all this time not doing anything because of the access issues. And the only thing I can think of is he is jumping to these conclusions due to the fact that I'm a woman. :(
Anyway - how do I win this guy over? Is there anything I can do? I haven't encountered this very often thankfully but I'm at a loss. Am I just supposed to hide in the background and let the guys do the talking?
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2022.01.20 01:22 danseaman6 Browsers can connect, apps cannot

Getting an interesting issue where I can connect to my jellyfin server using browsers, but not Jellyfin apps.
I'm connecting via http://local-ip:8096
Using Firefox and chrome on both desktop and mobile, typing that address in gets me right to my server. However, on my Chromecast's Android TV Jellyfin app and on the Jellyfin app on my Pixel 5, that address isn't working and nothing will connect. Everything is on the same network, and the same phone can connect with a browser, just not the app.
Any ideas what's happening here?
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2022.01.20 01:22 SqueezeFades [Help] [PS5] Demons Souls Flamelurker

Could somebody help me out with flamelurker please?
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2022.01.20 01:22 Abject-Ad8245 Lol Sarnus Urlum and Neidon aren't canon

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2022.01.20 01:22 Jozue56 LF: shiny diglett

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2022.01.20 01:22 tophatthis Youngkin chooses former Heritage Foundation official as Virginia’s diversity officer

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2022.01.20 01:22 Bigtimetipper How to unlock ARR Extreme Trials?

Hi All. I've been playing FF14 on and off for years. I've now finished all of the EW content. I'd like to go back and clear the ARR Extreme Trials for solo mount farming however I can't figure out how to unlock them. The guides and content online all refer to quests that require Urianger in Waking Sands (he's not there). I've checked the quest givers or other quests in the Primal line and the quest givers either aren't there or don't have any questions. In my duty finder I've got the Hard version of those duties.....I am at a loss
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2022.01.20 01:22 girlygirldoglvr 23 yr old female looking for help finding valid self measures pre formal diagnosis

I am a 23 year old female who has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and social anxiety in the past. But I am pretty sure that I am autistic. I have done research and followed a lot of autistic creators and advocates, and I hit a lot of autistic symptoms that cannot be explained by my other "diagnoses." I am not looking to appropriate anyone's struggle, but it would explain a lot of the behaviors I have had since childhood and my lack of functioning and "failure to launch." My parents dismiss the idea because I was always a "pleasure to have in class" and that I am "just dreamy and anxious." I am working on getting formally tested for a diagnosis, but it is currently difficult because it would cause a huge blowout fight with my parents.
Can anyone recommend some valid and reliable self measures, so I can be more sure about my self diagnosis before I go through hell with my parents to get formally diagnosed? I have taken the RBQ2 and got a 34, and the ASQ and got a 28.
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2022.01.20 01:22 Listige Lacuna Coil - Our Truth

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2022.01.20 01:22 WhatIsItClark_ How do I stop overthinking everything?

I feel like my mind races about everything & then when I try to relax I just end up thinking about it more. Please help, I just want to be happy & relaxed lol. It happens the most often at night but sometimes it’s all day even if I’m doing stuff like working out, playing sports, working etc…
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2022.01.20 01:22 silveycorp Gemini Sign Up Referral Promo Code $10 of Bitcoin after first Buy or Sell of $100+ and Access to Gemini Pay (Most Recent Offer January 2022)

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2022.01.20 01:22 rainofcali I got the link to the video regardless, mod old chap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ipb81z46kI thanks for deleting my thread in an attempt to stop me gaining access to a valuable resource shared by a fellow user here.
My post was not spam, either. You can't label posts spam just because you aren't personally able to relate to an aspect of music production.
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2022.01.20 01:22 Weary_Ad_7150 $24 an hour

Is $24 an hour for a 24 year old with no degree in California good or bad?
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