The question pretty much, population? Income? Is the AI more or less effected by this mods vast complexities as you are?
Reason I ask is after about 10 tries I am finally doing well with Rome. But I have noticed circumstances where I will takeout a full stack of a one city army, then they will pump out another, and if I get distracted by some other threat another and another. I have wipes out like 2 and a half stacks and had appolonia blockaded one time and Epirus still was able to put together a stack in Tara’s. (I tried to go around them basically as it’s their main source of wealth) so what’s the scoop on all this friends?
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2022.01.20 01:43 NookMafia Boomer glitch on i the wall?

Does NK know the boomer issue where on in the wall glave ricochet doesn’t work because it just hits the wall and dies? or is it just intentional because it kinda makes boomer nearly impossible on that map
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2022.01.20 01:43 hivokas Withdrawing money from business account to personal account

I’ve heard there a different ways to withdraw money from business bank account to personal bank account: as salary, as dividends.
Which one should I use and why?
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2022.01.20 01:43 jestagoon If she's good at handling balls...

She's probably a goalie.
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2022.01.20 01:43 reggiewa Swapped 10m Old School to Rs3

Very fast! thank you!
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2022.01.20 01:43 silencedmodder why does my audio lower in frequency and start crackling when i get on warzone? (

this does it with mw too. i noticed my audio was perfectly fine while listening to spotify, get off spotify and go to warzone and my audio hollows out and has this crackling static like noise in the background, the audio was perfectly fine during the activision intro though, but at soon as i get to the game selection screen the audio issues appear. this was not happening this morning nor yesterday, so what could be the issue? is anyone else experiencing this?
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2022.01.20 01:43 NozoHehPower Looking for a new guild

Looking for a higher ranked and active guild. I play daily. Can give more details if asked since not too sure what to put here
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2022.01.20 01:43 darkhelmet436 Had Robert done an episode on the dairy industry? Because Jesus Christs!

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2022.01.20 01:43 Professional-Egg-206 These are in the back of my 4000x case and I have no idea what they do. Help!

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2022.01.20 01:43 GoldenSnitchesMod Torontology Moments: 😂😂

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2022.01.20 01:43 PeachyKeenBathWater Happy cake day to me

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2022.01.20 01:43 duckrollingby yo i need help with my essay its due in 20 minutes

its abt the commercial uses of fermentation. basically pick a food that uses fermentation and explain its instructions and ingredients n shit. mla format 500 word minimun plz
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2022.01.20 01:43 TerraRainesHasBrains "my graduation, kanye! "

is this a reference to smth idk much about kanye west
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2022.01.20 01:43 MattSaturn Suddenly Can't Draw with Drawing Layers

Hello everyone,
I am having a sudden new issue where I am unable to draw using the drawing layer option. It has worked for me in the past, and I have no idea what I am doing incorrectly all of a sudden. It doesn't matter if I choose the freehand, bezier curve, or circle tool. The mouse courser changes to the drawing icon on the view window, but when I click and drag to draw, nothing happens. I have made sure that the layer is set to active and the opacity is at 100%. If I choose the text option, it does open the box to enter the text, but still nothing shows up.
Like I said, I have used this in the past before just fine, so I assume the issue is something I am doing incorrectly.
Thank you for any ideas on what my problem is!
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2022.01.20 01:43 CapivaraReidoGado Fase de relacionamento ou é frescura minha ?

Boa noite meus queridos(a), tudo bem com vocês ? então eu venho aqui abrir esse tópico porque eu estou em um relacionamento fazem 4 meses mas a gente se conhece a 1 ano, vou ser honesto pra vocês no começo de namoro, tudo era mil maravilhas a gente conversava a tarde toda depois que a gente estava no nosso tempo livre, compartilhava diversas coisas do dia a dia e zoando o tempo todo, depois de 4 meses a gente não tem mais isso, só eu compartilho as coisas do dia a dia e ela sempre da uma resposta curta ou não se interessa tanto, não conversa igual antes só da aquela resposta curta e me deixa de lado, tudo isso começou depois que ela trocou de celular por um melhor, ela vive no TikTok assistindo videos e acaba me deixando de lado um pouco, e nisso vem as paranoias de que ela pode estar gostando de outra pessoa, traindo porque já aconteceu muitas vezes dela falar que vai tomar banho rapidinho e estar online no Whatsapp, só que tendo esse problema ela me fala diversas coisas que me deixa feliz como, que quer casar comigo, ter filhos (temos até os nomes de todos já kkk), morar junto e fazer os projetos juntos e que ela é a mulher mais feliz do mundo graças a minha presença e estar fazendo parte da vida dela, ela até fala que viveria tudo novamente pra estar do meu lado namorando comigo porque tivemos uma historia bem estilo novela pra começar nosso namoro kkkkkkk, mas esse distanciamento tá me deixando bem chatiado e eu guardo tudo que sinto com o simples medo de ser "toxico" ou ciumento de mais e desgastar o relacionamento, mesmo ela me falando essas coisas eu crio essas paranoias na cabeça e tá sendo difícil viver tudo isso.
Ai queria saber de vocês se é normal essa fase do relacionamento e oque fazer pra voltar a ser como era antes ou se é só frescura minha mesmo e que preciso de ajuda.
Quero muito o conselho de vocês muito obrigado.

Obrigado OPS!
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2022.01.20 01:43 SinoBot ‘Dollar diplomacy’ the cursed ‘red shoes’ of DPP authority

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2022.01.20 01:43 dumpstersteve laughing through tears

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2022.01.20 01:43 Snuffles959 Vote For our Lord and Savior Gheb

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2022.01.20 01:43 SRBzola BR is more enjoyable now, I couldn't play properly before due to network spikes and lag, this season is drastically different, so smooth game i like it. Thanks devs you finally optimized the game properly 😃

BR is more enjoyable now, I couldn't play properly before due to network spikes and lag, this season is drastically different, so smooth game i like it. Thanks devs you finally optimized the game properly 😃 submitted by SRBzola to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:43 iamtoolazytosleep LeBron with a ridiculous reverse alley oop from Malik!

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2022.01.20 01:43 shadowbansarestupid [US-IL] [H] Assembled Glorious TKL GMMK, Gateron Silent Clear, Keycaps [W] PayPal


Price: $110 shipped OBO
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2022.01.20 01:43 BrysonMetal164 I do hope someone make a mod for swaping colors for Elemental Encoder looking like the one in KHIII for Switch

I do hope someone make a mod for swaping colors for Elemental Encoder looking like the one in KHIII for Switch submitted by BrysonMetal164 to KingdomHearts [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:43 Frankietwo96_ 😍

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2022.01.20 01:43 Karma_Kisses_You this is new for me, what do you think about the photos?

this is new for me, what do you think about the photos? submitted by Karma_Kisses_You to LiminalSpace [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 01:43 ahshalagabeesh Ah you little piece of shit think of the ways I’d fuck up your life

You little imbecile dreadful hoe think you so pretty boy? Fucking third place suck it bitch suck it deep in your smoll little tight throat so hell bent huh watch me bitch you may win blooket shit but I’ll win the fucking Kahoot! Hoe you down side gutter you’ll go to mahidol but I’ll go to freaking Oxford fight me bitch, you and your petty whiny little ass I’ve written songs about how I wish you gone hell I am profound in this dispute of you. Call me your shitass bestie and I’ll call you the shitty whore you are, sucking up to men who your friends like I mean the fucking audacity women, literally would get on the knees to ask them to get a balloon for you cause you’re too scared to approach the dude holding it, being freaking terrified just to stand somewhere someone who had a crush on you stood like wtf is up with that yea? The only people putting up with you are the losers who can’t hold their shit together and need someone as fragile as you are friendship is fucking magic you say well listen here kiddo magic is fake we’re all on our own and the only person we care about is ourselves now cry me a river or get lost
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