My favorite one so far, made it for a friend

2022.01.20 02:51 MacieWind My favorite one so far, made it for a friend

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2022.01.20 02:51 Lion0316heart Visual learners for Net+

I found a great visual learning YouTube videos for A+ and n+ that may help you guys. I never did N+ I went the CCNA route but the net+ course video is really good especially for those with no IT background.
PowerCert Animated Videos!! Check it out it will help. A+ and N+.
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2022.01.20 02:51 420w69 I hate women

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2022.01.20 02:51 RestOk1291 lucky fella!

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2022.01.20 02:51 Educational_Potato17 Six secrets smart students don't tell you part 5

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2022.01.20 02:51 matrix_man Industry-Standard Names of Costume Elements

Are there any sort of industry-standard names for costume elements? Like I know there are different variations on a domino mask, but I don't really know any specific names or what they really are. Any info appreciated.
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2022.01.20 02:51 FireStarter1996 my cat was staring at the mirror at 4 am¿

Like two or three weeks ago I was sleeping when I heard my cat walk into my room, I was waiting him to jump and “cuddle” with me in my bed so I waited but he was taking too long so I decided to look over the bed and there he was staring at his own reflection
Whenever we show him his reflection he only turn his head and ignore the mirror… so I was pretty scared when I saw him doing that in the middle of the night
Then, like two days before that I had this dream where he was talking to me… And for real it felt like a nightmare
Anyways, have you guys ever experience this kinda things? Like when an animal behaves like a human
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2022.01.20 02:51 sluprix_page Modovi se pitaju tko je koga prvi guzio.

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2022.01.20 02:51 JuniorIX Looking for a Kid Seat for my Grizzly

I want to add a seat either to the rear rack or a shotgun seat upfront. Has anyone mounted a kid seat to theirs? Just not sure if any are compatible with the non-standard shape of the grizzly frame, looking for recommendations and anyone advice from anyone who’s done this.
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2022.01.20 02:51 NoobAccount123456 Russell Westbrook tonight: 5/17 FG, 14/2/3, -18
Incredibly, he shot 4/6 from three, but this was more than balanced out by him being 1/11 from two
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2022.01.20 02:51 inhaletheflame LF: 2 Moon stones. FT: Can breed most of the Dex, other evolution stones

I can pretty much breed 95% of the Dex in exchange for 2 Moon stones. I can also offer some other evolution stones (Many Fire and Thunder, 2 S****, 1 Dusk) instead.
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2022.01.20 02:51 aryantandel [FOR HIRE] Digital Artist available for commissions, more details in the comments.

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2022.01.20 02:51 beejers30 Does Anyone Else do This?

Do you ever just pull up Flightradar24 on your phone and click all the planes to see their route and wonder where everyone is going?
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2022.01.20 02:51 GeraldMomma First post here. Barely started S3. I dont know if this has already been made.

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2022.01.20 02:51 voraciousflytrap I want to become a librarian. Are they eligible for loan forgiveness?

I already have a great deal of debt from my undergraduate degree, since I spent much of the last decade impoverished for health reasons and the interest has ballooned to insurmountable levels. As much as I would love to study library science at a master’s level, I am to say the least very hesitant to take on any more debt if the eventual job will not provide a pathway for me to escape it in 10 years, which with my current mediocre IT job I absolutely do not have.
Any advice is warmly appreciated.
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2022.01.20 02:51 thisBodymeansNothing Canton-Akron airport (OH) …I was literally like 1 of like 15 people in the airport. Empty waiting areas like this all over

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2022.01.20 02:51 VegitoFusion Mildly Irritated with an obvious inconsistency of dates/timeline in Eternals.

I had to circle back just to make sure I had heard it correctly, but early in the movie when Sersi is talking with Dane (right after the deviant attack) she says she was together with Ikaris for 5000 years. Shortly thereafter it flashes back to Babylon (575 BC), and this is where Ikaris and Sersi finally got together. Therefore they were only together for half the length of time she told to Dane. If these two scenes weren’t so close together it might have been easier to miss, but as stated, mildly irritating that they overlooked this.
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2022.01.20 02:51 yoganutnutnut pls help

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2022.01.20 02:51 Dear-Reporter-5505 URD,XHHW,MHF

Having a tough time finding wire to feed my subpanel in a detached garage around 50 ft away. To be installed in schedule 40 PVC 18' below surface. Original was going to use SE-R but that isn't URD rated. Someone in other sub recommended MHF (Mobile Home Feeder) since it's URD and such. Another recommended XHHW. I'm not sure what would be best. URD seems like the best choice considering the size (2-2-2-4) and it being URD. Any suggestions would be appreciated on what would be best.
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2022.01.20 02:51 BloblyLasagna I’ve beaten the three mantis guys, and now every mantis is showing me respect. Will I have to beat three mantis guys once again, if I start killing those mantises?

I’m going to explore deep nest, and I need some soul filled up (And I don’t really want to beat these guys up once again). I am not in the mood to lose my 1,000 geo.
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2022.01.20 02:51 monsieur_deadalaus Freighter floating on air

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2022.01.20 02:51 Shakeybonez7420 H: Rifleman Enclave Plasma Rifle W: to know if it'd spark interest from Rifleman Builds

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2022.01.20 02:51 theasialive The hunt for Beijing’s wild cats

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2022.01.20 02:51 xponentialdesign 009 Ascension - Glitched Landscapes Collection A 009 | by Virgil_artz

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